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This game was created by Peter Jaschkowske and Patrick Tobler

It was made for the 36th Ludum Dare Game Jam.

The concept of the game:

You are the devil and your job is it to transport sinners based on their sins to the fitting circle of hell (For more information: Dante's Inferno). You do this by putting a maximum of 5 people into the hell-evator, which transports the sinners to the circle of choice.

Not only did we massively mismanage our time and ended up creating a really unpolished game, but we even failed to deliver a game fitting the actual theme of the jam (which was 'Ancient Technology').

Nevertheless do we hope that you'll have some fun playing it.

Criticism is highly appreciated!


Patrick Tobler - @Padierfind
Peter Jaschkowske - @P_Jaschkowske


Inferno Tycoon.zip (13 MB)

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