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AMPE is a Hide-And-Seek mutiplayer game. You can play with up to four players. One of them is the seeker while the three others play the role of the hiders.

The goal for the seeker is it to capture (touch) the hiding players while the hiding players (obviously) try to prevent that.

To make this a little more interesting we added anaglyphic glasses. This means that even though the 4 players stare at the same screen, they all see different things.
The hiders only see their players while the seeker only sees his player.

To give yourself an advantage you can drop traps for your fellow hiders or highlight them as the seeker.´

Ampe was made in 2 days during the Global Game Jam 2018.

How to Play:
1. Get yourself some anaglyphic glasses(oldschool 3D glasses)
2. Modify them in a way that you end up with three pairs of red glasses and one blue pair.
3. Plug your controllers in.
4. Put on the glasses. (The seeker gets the blue ones and the hiders get the other ones)
5. Have fun!

Developed by
- Simon Haag (Twitter)
- Patrick Tobler (Twitter)


AMPE.zip 16 MB


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This is such a cool idea! Goona need to order some anaglyphic glasses now.

Thanks a lot! :)